Day Ten: Double Stranded Pearls

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Like a gift wrapped around a leaf
Another from the idea box, well it's not really a box, more of a basket, in my head. Anyway, I'd been thinking about this for a long time, and I really love the stone pendant along with the gorgeous cranberry pearls. Though the necklace came out a bit longer than I expected, I do really enjoy it, and can't wait to have something fancy enough to wear it to.

Day Nine: The Powers of Plastic

Friday, April 08, 2011

Leaves on a Tree
A long long time ago, I just HAD to have these plastic leaves. I mean seriously, I couldn't live without them, and since then they have just stayed in my box of beads, so without further ado, earrings! Now if I can just keep them from Cassie.. for a while. I really enjoy the light colors, and the translucence of the plastic. The silver rounds are from a clearance section, and were so not expensive, but I really like them with the leaves.

Day Eight: I'm Lichen These!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I really do like the blue cast findings
So Here's today's installment of the 365 project! Some super cute earrings made with findings I purchased at Dava years ago. Add in a couple of tip drilled white pearls, and some lovely crystals in an iridescent finish, and voila! The findings don't seem to be silver plated or any sort of plated, they are an odd shade of lichen blue. This is made blatantly obvious with the blue lichens behind it!

Day Seven: Just A Wee Cozy

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Today's post comes straight from Twisted in Portland. Cassie and I joined up with the PDX Knit Crawl and went to twenty yarn stores in just two days! We didn't win any of the big prizes but we were smart enough to show up at twisted first, and got some rocking goody bags. In them were a selection of buttons, some magnets, a few patterns and a ball of yarn. The yarn pattern was to be used for a tiny cozy, and boy is it tiny and cozy. I knit this with 32 stitches on size 0 needles, what can I say, I knit super loose. I cast on using the figure eight method which is what gives the little cozy it's very square corners.

All Alone, Out in the Wilderness.
This only took about an hour or two, and was really relaxing once the cast on was done. It perfectly fits my ID and a few cards/cash, so it's just perfect for me. Hopefully, if i always put my cards back in there, I'll be able to find them without rooting through my entire purse, but we'll have to see how it goes. I already knit a second one in a sparkly black yarn for the husband, but I have my doubts as to weather or not he'll want to use it.

Day Six : Eden's Comet Earrings

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oooooh, Dangles!
Ok, so I know this is the second set of green earrings in a week, but these have honestly been waiting to be made into earrings for at least three years! I came up with this design years ago, and have made a few pairs here and there for family and friends. The problem is, I can't find those goregeous colored star-shaped pearls anywhere, and yes, they are pearl! A simple star-shape irritant is put into the pearl and then it develops it's nacre over it. A really cool process. I remember being fascinated with shaped pearls since I was a little girl and I was looking through a book that had Buddah shaped pearls in an oyster that had been left too long. The concept of shaping cultivated pearls has fascinated me ever since.

I was going to make a white set, as I have these gorgeous white star-pearls, but alas, they are drilled from point to point, not symmetrically, so they don't sit right, I may have to see about finding some that do so I can get these up on Etsy. I think these are just so fun, and I love the colors. I also have enough to do a few more sets in green and a couple in blue. So fear not, it's not just a green girl's paradise. Though outside is, with the weather and the rain it's just verdant outside. I did have one of the weirder conversations with a tree while taking pictures, but then I realized, aren't all conversations with trees peculiar at least?
Awww.. Babies!

On the way out the door to take pictures, I found a few little friends... a few hundred that is! With the warmer weather or just the timing I managed to open the door to a bunch of little ballooning spiders. They are so tiny and cute, but damn do they give you the creepy crawlies. I still feel like I might have a couple on me. Josh and I both tried to take pictures, and I think my little point and shoot might have won that battle.

Then on the way back inside, I found the prettiest Blue-jay feather. Since I've been obsessed with my fedora for a few days I thought I'd stick it in the band. Today has been a rewarding day for going outside. On a non-outside note, I managed to finish four and a half pattern rows in the shawl I'm working on and with some rough math, I realized that's over four thousand stitches, and possibly closer to five thousand. No wonder I like watching the television, I'm still getting so much done.