Day Six : Eden's Comet Earrings

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oooooh, Dangles!
Ok, so I know this is the second set of green earrings in a week, but these have honestly been waiting to be made into earrings for at least three years! I came up with this design years ago, and have made a few pairs here and there for family and friends. The problem is, I can't find those goregeous colored star-shaped pearls anywhere, and yes, they are pearl! A simple star-shape irritant is put into the pearl and then it develops it's nacre over it. A really cool process. I remember being fascinated with shaped pearls since I was a little girl and I was looking through a book that had Buddah shaped pearls in an oyster that had been left too long. The concept of shaping cultivated pearls has fascinated me ever since.

I was going to make a white set, as I have these gorgeous white star-pearls, but alas, they are drilled from point to point, not symmetrically, so they don't sit right, I may have to see about finding some that do so I can get these up on Etsy. I think these are just so fun, and I love the colors. I also have enough to do a few more sets in green and a couple in blue. So fear not, it's not just a green girl's paradise. Though outside is, with the weather and the rain it's just verdant outside. I did have one of the weirder conversations with a tree while taking pictures, but then I realized, aren't all conversations with trees peculiar at least?
Awww.. Babies!

On the way out the door to take pictures, I found a few little friends... a few hundred that is! With the warmer weather or just the timing I managed to open the door to a bunch of little ballooning spiders. They are so tiny and cute, but damn do they give you the creepy crawlies. I still feel like I might have a couple on me. Josh and I both tried to take pictures, and I think my little point and shoot might have won that battle.

Then on the way back inside, I found the prettiest Blue-jay feather. Since I've been obsessed with my fedora for a few days I thought I'd stick it in the band. Today has been a rewarding day for going outside. On a non-outside note, I managed to finish four and a half pattern rows in the shawl I'm working on and with some rough math, I realized that's over four thousand stitches, and possibly closer to five thousand. No wonder I like watching the television, I'm still getting so much done.