Experimental Beads (Day 3 of Bead week)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So here are some fun beads that I've made previously. These are all experimental beads, but have been a ton of fun to make.

The large gray bead was an experiment in dots. First I made a rather large gray bead, then I put a dot of orange in four spots around the bead. Then I melted the orange spots into the bead, getting it back to a smooth surface. I then added a red dot on top of the orange, melting it in as well. Wanting to see what else I could do with a dot, I put two blue dots between each of the orange and red "eyes". These I did not melt in. I love this bead and it's obnoxious color combinations. It reminds me of a gods eye from girl scout camp. =^..^=

The turquoise bead was an experiment in laying down black stringer. I made a small bead, and then just took a black stringer and laid down a thick curvy line. After melting it in, it just looked marvelous!

The red ladybug bead, was another experiment in melting dots. I was planning on doing the entire surface of the bead in black dots, but I ran out of map gas, so some of them ended up being raised on the surface. I really liked the way the black melted into the red, and was having a lot of fun before the unfortunate gas incident.

The final bead, the white bead with the red and black swirls, was just a way to play. I made a new shape, kind of square and triangles and just odd. I took very thin stringer and laid down lines of red and black, I then took the stringer and and swirled it over the surface. I am not quite sure how it ended up looking like it was swimming over the surface, but I will be sure to try it again.