Fairy Tale Beads (Day 5 of Bead Week)

Friday, May 16, 2008

All this week I have shown you pictures of beads that I have made, and today's no different. The main difference is that the beads today are beads that even though I made them, still take my breath away when I realize I did.

They are the prize stallions, the blue ribbon hen, the honor students. Did I set out to make them better? Of course, I try to make each bead better than their predecessors, but these beads evoked something that i wasn't sure I could capture yet, a process I had only read or a technique I've never heard of. Are they perfect? No, not yet, but I will keep lamp working my beads until I am so satisfied with them that it has become child's play.

Flame working glass is an amazing experience. To take cold glass rod, heat it till it melts then wind it around something is an experience! It's like the first time you got to play with modeling clay. These amazing colors that did just what you told them to do, but alas you didn't quite speak their language. Well I am learning the language, and it still comes out stilted and with a Neanderthal like quality, but I'm getting there, and these beads are the proof.