Fusing Demo! (Day 2) IMAGE HEAVY!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If you repeat the process from yesterday over and over, you will find that you have a little pile of peices all ready for the kiln.

Next you have to get the kiln shelf ready. I personally use kiln wash, it cleans up easier than the fiber papers out there, and is much less expensive. =^..^= Thrift is not a dirty word!

After a few coats, you cannot see through the blue to the ceramic shelf below. This along with a smooth surface is the key to having a smooth backed piece.

Ten minutes at four hundred degrees, and you have a dry shelf, ready for it's trip into the kiln.

Time to clean the glass! I could easily use some windex, but I really worry about all the chemicals, so I will just use a little bit of soap. Simple and easy.

Once washed they will dry and then hit the kiln tomorrow