Artful Photography, another way to show the world (Photo Week Day 1)

Monday, June 09, 2008

OOOH... SO this week will be five blogs devoted photography and angles thereof.

Being a general artist, I have an interest in photography only because it is a another way to express the way that I see the world. I find that I have some issues in expressing myself through the lens, but am learning that art photography is different than portraiture.

Each Day you will get a one of my success stories, and a little background on each.

Today's Photo is the very first successful art photo I have taken. I was in Montana leaving to come home to Portland, and stopped before getting back into the car, on one side was a funny billboard, but then I turned around and the way the light was hitting these structures was amazing.

I can only assume they were water towers. It was amazing to finally achieve success in the photographic realm. I finally was able to take a shutter and a lens and capture the way I saw that very moment.