Some Rough Drafts of Stained Glass Designs.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My mother is home for the week and my Mother, Step-father and I all went to my Aunt's for dinner. We had a great time relaxing and having dinner in the back yard. I even mowed the lawn. I had forgotten how much fun a push mower can be. It was hot and very sweaty work but wonderfully worth it.

After installing an outdoor chandelier and having a great time, my Aunt mentioned that she would love stained glass in her garage window. Oddly enough, I really liked the idea, and ended up spending time last night making designs. I want to echo the north west and made a fun design with Mount Hood in the background. Well, turns out that the colors were wrong, but it will all be fun.

This one is pretty close to the colors I would like to use, with a dark blue background.

This would be daybreak at Mount Hood, though it could also be changed to mottled dark blues for a night time feel as well. (Turns out the moon would only be up for the night, not for daybreak) I guess my time sense it just messed up as always.