New Growth on Old Foundations

Monday, January 18, 2010

Every year we are swamped with a new list of things to check off our respective lists before the new year starts and the old year ends but I'm not sure if these ever look towards how we ended up in our predicaments.

A year ago, I was sitting in this exact space, having the exact same worries. Will I be successful in business, will I be successful in life (also known as happy), will the rest of the world realize that I'm a fabulous and amazing artist? (Honestly, I'm not that shallow to say such things, but I'm beginning to believe those around me who do.) What's a lass to do in these trying times? Turns out, looking to the old to build seems like a great idea.

December 2008 was spent in a blur of making, selling, shivering and not sleeping. I had little to show for it when all was said and done, but had learned that sometimes it's best to just pack it in. This year (well last if you want to be precise), I spent my year trying to revive what had become a failing enterprise. Weather it was my lack of motivation to keep going at something I felt like I had failed at, the economic slow down, or what have you, I was floundering.

Luckily I had a few things going for me. I had my booth, my setup, and my friends to help steer me back on track. I can't thank everyone enough, because with their support, I was able to turn a business I was loathe to deal with, into a true joy again. So why do I sit here in this exact spot again?

I'm trying to revamp, refresh and rebuild my business. I'm actively searching out new media, new classes and new product lines. I've stopped feeling sorry for my state of affairs when it comes to business and just gone back to doing it. This means a few things for this space: It's likely this will change and be revamped over the next while, new product is going to start being featured here, as well as some fun tutorials (if I get my act in gear), and last but not least, yours truly will start to post at least once a week. To make up for the lack in posts for the beginning of the month, I will post a couple extras in the next few days!

So, as this cute little mushroom sprouts from the detritus on the forest floor, so too will Eden Kitty, even more glorious than before.