Day one: A repair for Grandma

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A look a the lovely Amethyst Glass
Today marks the start of my "Year and a Day" project! I was going to do just your average everyday "365" project, but I just can't wait another day. My husband and sister are also going to be working on one as well, hopefully having the support of others will make it more likely that we'll stay honest and on track!

For the next 365 (already one down!) I'll be making, and hopefully posting one accessory made by yours truly! You may find headbands, you may find earrings, you may find a tiny cellphone case, but whatever strikes me that day will be made, and shared with the world.

Finished and Ready to Wear
Today's entry is a project for my grandmother. She had a necklace that broke a while back and is one of her favorite necklaces. A beauty of a piece made with of some of the deepest amethyst colored glass I've seen with a few brass accents here and there. Luckily only a few beads were lost in the breakage, and none of the larger size. Knowing I didn't have any gold-tone crimps, I picked up some gold plate ones. !

This is one whopper of a necklace, measuring in at 38 inches and weighing almost 3 ounces, I'm pretty sure I have scarves that weigh less, in fact, I made a shawl that weighed less a month or so ago! I hope I'll be able to keep up with this schedule, and also broaden my horizons. I'm hoping that keeping myself to a stricter schedule could help with not just this project, but also keep what can be a hectic life in check.