Hello Kitty Anyone?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So today I was working on something new.. What to do with a big square metal trashcan that has seen better days, and a 2004 Hello Kitty calendar notebook. Turns out the best thing you can do is some decoupage!

The trashcan had been rattle canned white inside and out since it originally had a horrible painting of some grapes. Seriously Horrible, like the 60's and 70's called and wanted it back, but they had decayed so badly that they didn't have the strength to get back to their proper time period.

My Grandmother had given me the book of Hello Kitty from 2004. She works at a booktique and they get in lots of things they can't use. It had a few math equations, but nothing really in it. It was super cute. Hello gold, Hello black, Hello everything. =^..^= I know it's wrong a twenty eight year old who likes Hello Kitty. I can't help it. I've tried so hard. Well, moving on to the process.

I cut out as many versions of Hello Kitty as possible and laid them aside to be used at a later time. I then took my scissors to the patterns that were left behind from cutting out Hello Kitty. Roses and dots, stripes and stars... way too much fun!

I broke out some rubber cement I had lying around, and started the background with different patterns and colors, wrapping around corners, cutting away and adding more. It was a lot of fun! fun! I took out some water and some glue (yeah for elmer's!), and got Hello Kitty plastered to the side! I also put a couple Hello Kitty cut outs in the interior too!

Remember! Whatever you want to make, you just have to think it through! Don't jump into something without a plan (even if it's just a rough estimate). Anyone can craft! Just think about it, it's just paper, it's just glue! It's like kindergarten all over again! So today's word is play, it's what makes life worth living.


Anonymous said...

So Cool.