Simple Glass Beads (Glass Bead Week Day 1)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yep, I decided to do another theme week this week.

About six months ago I bought a hot head torch, the most basic bead working torch you can find. Turn on the gas light the gas and you are ready to go. It's design is simple and easy to use. These are my some of the first and most basic beads that I made using my amazing torch. The gray bead was supposed to be gray which is a miracle, since most of my grayed out beads were to be pink =^..^=

I had found an ad on Craig's List for a hot head torch and supplies for fifty dollars, being a frugal crafter, I went for it! Thank goodness I did. I feel like I rescued this torch from the gentleman I bought it from. Just a guy working in a head shop, but I worry that he was probably trying to make pipes and realized it was really hard.

I find the number of glass artists that use their art to make drug paraphernalia reprehensible. I know there is money in it, I understand that, but it just seems like it cheapens the entire trade.