Who doesn't love stars?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

So I was heading off from lunch with girlfriends last Friday and had other things that I needed to do but decided to stop over at my favorite bead store (which will be moving soon of course). I always stop by hoping they will have a very elusive component, amazing angel wings that are great in any earring design. Moving on!

I stopped in, dismayed at their usual lack of service, and that one crazy old bird that has he bead tray on top of half the beads just sorting out her design, though she is one step up from the lady with the purse on the tables of beads! Well I found a little tiny bin, full of amazing little pieces. My eyes lit up, I pulled all of the little bits into my hands, hardly believing what I was seeing.

Colored star pearls! Now see, I am all about shaped pearls, especially stars! I have some earrings over on the right hand side that are made with star pearls. I call them my shooting star earrings. But now, oh now, there are colored pearls . I bought them in different colors trying to match each set. So now I have these amazing star pearls and don't know what to do with them! Any ideas? I guess we will have to see.