A new sewing box

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My mother has had the same sewing box since I was a kid. An awesomely ugly orange box with a divider on top. It used to have a clear lid but the lid has gone the way of so many plastic components, dead and into a landfill somewhere.

Well since I have started selling hats and working with fleece I have been keeping all of my supplies in a very shoe box. As any good seamstress or tailor knows, this is inefficient at best. To make matters worse, I misplaced my box.

Out on a trip to Corvallis, I was in a local Goodwill. I love Goodwill, there are lots of things that people don't need anymore, but that someone else will. So in my travels, I found a case. Not just any case, a huge lovely plastic basket weave case, with inserts, and a top!

I was super startled to find it, and was snuggling it before buying it. I took it home and cleaned it up, and now look, I have my very own case. Maybe some day my daughter will look at an ugly case, and think to herself... if only I could find one of my own.