Working on the Crane Chain (Origami Week Day 2)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Everyone learns to make paper cranes in school, well everyone I know has learned this in school. While many people forget this knowledge and just move on from this lesson, I did not. I memorized the lesson, kept it me, and have made cranes on and off for most of my life. The problem becomes, what do you do with all these cranes?

Cranes are lovely and beautiful on their own, and origami papers come in so many lovely packs, generally they have a theme: all solid, all patterned, all in one type of pattern. Well these patterns are lovely and bold, and the rainbow of solids are amazing and crisp, but you rarely see anything that uses them to their best ability.

I took the next logical step and turned my cranes into a rainbow chain to hang in my window! This is a great way to display the cranes since you get to see all the variation and color that the pattern has to offer.