A busy week for all!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This week has been amazingly busy! It's been great, but super busy.

Here is just a list of things done over the past week and change.

-Costco run with Jon
-Ross run with Jon
-house cleaning
-cleaning Cassie's room
-family dinners like crazy
-two days of market
-going to the zoo
-going to the rose gardens on the trip to the zoo
-meeting Libby's new kitty Lucy
-entertaining a 4.9 year old
-hanging out with Josh
-playing Super Scrabble to the end (I would have won if I had changed places)
-going downtown
-doing 23rd ave
-eating too much! (blargle!)

It's been a great week, but I really need a week off! I feel like I've been ON forever. So the girl in me is spending some time watching dumb girly TV. I hate to admit it, but I love bad TV. I am looking forward to some Cassie time so that she and I can just hang out and not worry about a thing