A new kiln load

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I managed to complete a new kiln load of fused glass cabachons. It was a nice quiet day after the excitement of last week. I managed to even get some peices with this really cool tribal thorn pattern, The last time I tried I screwed the pooch on the kiln load. Luckily I will have pictures later, and update the post with them.

My stepdad is off to Seattle and I am free to have a nice really quiet day at home. I've decided to watch Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. She really is a dumb woman. She is just the type of "girl" that I don't like, and I feel that she really gets everything she deserves when things go wrong, but that she is undeserving of any of the positive things that happen to her. I think that's just it, they all happen to her, not that she goes out and in the change she wants to make in the world. She's just there. It's kinda like Will and Grace, they are horrible people, and things go well for them and their fabulous lives... it's just wrong.

Moving on, I am going to finish my movie about the whining cow... mooooo.... moo moo. How do you make it sound like a cow is whining? Moooow? mwooew!