Could I feel any worse?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last night I went to Adam's new place to check out the coolness! It's pretty awesome, it was built in the 1920's and has been remodeled, and built on. It looks like the people probably lived in remodeling hell, as even now, some things are not finished. The steps to his awesome basement seem to be a little tall, ad I fell down a couple.

So not his fault! So not the houses fault! So my fault! So I really hurt my leg, I landed right where your femur and hip start to chill out with each other, and hit my calf too! It hurts so much. I'm still sore today, and can't really sit down, can't lie down comfortably, can't cross my legs, or anything fun like that, can I mention that the spot the toilet seat hits and holds all your weight, is EXACTLY where I hurt the most. Yeah, I wish I could stand like the boys today. I know this is all way too much information, but still. I am planning on doing some work in my studio, as standing up doesn't hurt as bad, but still sucks.

I think I will chill in bed for just a little longer, as I've just put some pain-a-trate on my leg, and it seems to be helping!

Grumpity grumpy...