Spending some time with the sky.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In the past couple of weeks I have been spending more time than normal looking up at the sky. This sounds like it could be a horrible waste of time, but it's really not. It's amazing the things that can come to mind on a dark night, or a gray day.

I was lucky enough that someone reminded me that there would be a meteor shower last week. I spent the moments between their reminder and the actual meteor shower grabbing some padding, some blankets and a warm sweater. So sitting alone in my back yard I watched the sky become streaked with meteors. It's amazing the universe out there, unfolding while you watch. I listened to the wind in the trees, and just was in shock at how the earth moves, and it's amazing patterns.

So while watching the sky at sunset I came up with an amazing idea for an art project, but as I am worried that some might take the idea and run with it without me getting the chance to first, I'm not going to share, and I apologize for that, as I want to share with the world, but it will wait.

For now I'll just keep my eyes to the sky and think about the many patterns and waves of clouds that make our world so amazing. I'll think about the stars and their light that took eons to get to us, only to be shunted away by the light pollution of the city. I can't wait for Cassie to come home, I'd like to take a trip to the coast on a clear night and just stop and look at the stars from a quiet beach!