A few weeks, with few updates.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life sometimes gives us lemons, and we either make lemonade, realize we have lemons, or give ourselves paper cuts and pour the juice in. I try to hope that I am a lemonade person, but honestly life doesn't give me lemons. I live an oddly quixotic life. When things go bad, they somehow just work themselves out.

Case in point. A few weeks (possibly even as long as a month or two ago) my car battery died (granted I had left the lights on)... wait... this needs more back story. About six months ago, my car battery was out of juice, and I had jumped it back to health. This was all fine and good, but it made my car think that it's stereo was stolen, and locked me out. I tried all the codes in vain, but it just didn't make that much difference to me to not have a stereo. While it drove some people who rode in my car a little batty, I saw it as a chance to have some time with the authentic me, and think about the way everything was going.

Ok, back to the more recent car battery situation. I'm parked in a steep driveway, so my stepsisters hilarious and awesome boyfriend, Nick, gives my little bug a jump, he jumps into his car, parks it on the hill than jumps into mine. Well he asks the inevitable question regarding the severe lack of tunes, and I explain that it doesn't work right, and that I haven't seen fit to fix it yet. I push the on button to give a visual for this and .... lo and behold... It works. I mean, I didn't even lose my preset channels!

This is typical of how my life works out. Right when I panic that I'll never be able to pay any bill in my life again, I have a good day at Market. When I give my last buck to a friend, I end up finding money in my couch. (apparently I'm money centric today) Well, the last couple weeks have had the build up. Breaking things that you care about, and the acceptance, but the actual upward swing... it keeps eluding me. I get that I may just not be seeing the positives yet, but I'll try, and hopefully, I'll see it. I'll take some advice from an idiotic fish and "Just keep swimming."