Day Five: Vampire Choker

Monday, April 04, 2011

Little Vampy Bites
 I saw something like this on a random blog I "stumbled" a while back, and I really thought it was the cutest little vampire tribute. Instead of something super dark and spooky, it's simply a choker made with clear beads (In this case some cute iridescent beads that I've had for at least a decade.) with two little spots of red that just about fit along the jugular to look like tiny neck holes from a vampire bite. I really like the way this looks, and with the heart shaped clasp, I feel it's a great vamp-love tribute.
Close up of the Clasp
I think the original I saw was made with really sparkly beads, but I didn't want to make an identical one, or have anything that had too much sparkle, since I'm not a "Cullen" fan.


Eden Kitty said...

So it turns out, my sister nabbed this necklace and not the turquoise one as predicted.

Some days you win, other days, you win!

alittleweirdo said...

What a fun necklace! Thanks for the idea :)