Day Four: Turqoiuse Flower

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Turquoise Becomes Her

Today's post is a really fun and frustrating one. With my jewelry trunk in hand, I went through every drawer, managed to pull out what could be ten amazing projects, each missing one piece that I just didn't have. So instead I came up with this pretty easy and just plain pretty. I really like the enameled piece in the middle with the sparkly crystal stuck right in. This necklace doesn't actually have a right or wrong side as the pendant is identical on both faces.

I'm pretty sure that my sister is going to steal this the second she sees it! She's a huge fan of turquoise, teal, browns and orange. I can just see her wearing it to work and fawning over it. (She does this pretty often, I think to make me feel better about my skills!)


alittleweirdo said...

Since Cassie didn't take this necklace, I'd be happy to steal show it off for you ;) I've been really into turquoise and teal lately!